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Luana Sallustio, a 21 year-old artist from Zurich, Switzerland with Italian roots, has been developing her artistic style over the years since she first started creating. Starting with colored pencils and felt-tip pens, she crafted her initial pieces on paper before progressing to gouache on canvas. With a rapid skill development and a willingness to experiment, Luana now regularly creates artworks using diverse painting media such as oil, acrylic, graphite, pastel, wax, and more.

Luana Sallustio is renowned for her contemporary abstract yet modern and loosely realistic multimedia paintings. Her art is not about copying nature or painting in a strictly realistic manner; instead, it's about capturing what feels realistic to her. Luana's artistic expression is characterized by intuitive aesthetic choices, expressed through gestural brushstrokes and mixed media techniques. The result is a collection of paintings that show an energized, almost childlike emotional response, captivating and mesmerizing viewers.

While her primary focus lies in challenging viewers to perceive art from fresh angles and stimulating new ways of thinking, Luana's creative pursuits extend beyond the canvas. Luana also realized her desire to integrate it into her professional world, leading her to become an interactive media designer. Specializing in brand identity, UI, and UX design, she has contributed to renowned Swiss brands, crafting famous campaigns and marketing strategies.


Whether in her studio as an artist or at work in Zürich, creativity remains a constant companion. Each piece of Luana's work, infused with effort, passion, and love, serves as a testament to her dedication and talent, inspiring others and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Artist and Designer Luana Sallustio with one of her creations
Artist and Designer Luana Sallustio with one of her creations

Creativity shown through art and design.

Artist and Designer Luana Sallustio with one of her creations


Luana's art is about capturing what feels realistic to her.

Luana Sallustio is a young artist who expresses herself through the medium of paint. Her work is a captivating fusion of loose realism and abstraction, where she seeks to capture the essence of what feels realistic. With an admiration for the traditions of impressionism and realism, Luana draws inspiration from the works of artists who have mastered these styles. Their influence has sparked within her a deep-seated love for the interplay between light, color, and emotion, which she skillfully translates onto her own artworks. Driven by a desire to evoke thought and emotion in her audience, Luana infuses each piece with layers of meaning and significance. Luana wants to inspire her viewers. She aims to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, inviting them to see the world through a new lens and encouraging them to embrace the beauty and complexity of existence. With each brushstroke, Luana seeks to create a unique and interesting experience.

Artist and Designer Luana Sallustio with one of her creations


Strategy, Storytelling, Concept, Animations Brand- and Visual Design

Luana is a designer, crafting captivating concepts and strategies for brands, websites, and apps with her unique flair. She seamlessly merges creativity with strategic insight, ensuring each project stands out.
From conception to execution, Luana’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through. Her designs not only look stunning but also function seamlessly, delivering results that exceed expectations. She brings ideas to life through dynamic motion graphics and innovative visuals, enhancing user experiences and conveying brand messages effectively. Incorporating cool and innovative concepts, Luana pushes the boundaries of traditional design, constantly seeking new ways to captivate and inspire. Luana wants to create experiences that leave a lasting impression and drive meaningful engagement.


Interested in Luana Sallustio's work? Feel free to contact her.

Luana Sallustio is known for her unique design projects and creative artworks. If you're interested in buying an artwork, collaborating or starting a new design project, contact her. 

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