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Luana Sallustio’s artworks unique and original

Explore the creative process and inner thoughts behind Luana's artworks as she brings them to life. Discover her artistic journey and delve into the stories behind her creations. Additionally, you have the opportunity to acquire fine art prints and original artworks crafted by Luana herself.

Luana's art isn't focused on realism; rather, it's about capturing what feels real to her and others.

Interested in Luana Sallustio's work? 
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Luana Sallustio is known for her unique design projects and creative artworks. If you're interested in buying an artwork, collaborating or starting a new design project, contact her. 


Luana Sallustio’s creative mind

Luana Sallustio is a young artist who expresses herself through the medium of paint. Her work is a captivating fusion of loose realism and abstraction, where she seeks to capture the essence of what feels realistic. With an admiration for the traditions of impressionism and realism, Luana draws inspiration from the works of artists who have mastered these styles. Their influence has sparked within her a deep-seated love for the interplay between light, color, and emotion, which she skillfully translates onto her own artworks. Driven by a desire to evoke thought and emotion in her audience, Luana infuses each piece with layers of meaning and significance. Luana wants to inspire her viewers. She aims to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, inviting them to see the world through a new lens and encouraging them to embrace the beauty and complexity of existence. With each brushstroke, Luana seeks to create a unique and interesting experience.

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creative artworks

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