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CHF 2000 | 90 x 130 cm

In "Solitude," an oil painting that unfolds like a captivating narrative, a woman reclines on a vintage couch in a scene that seems to transcend time. The absence of a concrete backstory adds to the allure—this woman, existing only within the confines of the canvas, invites each observer to construct their own tale.

Inspired by the work, I embraced a deeper exploration of color theory in my own art. Dominated by deep green and red tones, the painting exudes an enigmatic warmth. Subtle strokes of purple, blue, and other hues enhance its dreamlike quality, making "Solitude" a realm of endless possibilities. This artwork, a convergence of colors and curves, beckons viewers to step into its world, where the untold stories are waiting to be discovered and reimagined.

*Colors of the painting may differ from reality. More information to it on the Legal's page.

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