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Stereotypes - Blow it

€ 4160 | 100 x 140 cm

"Painted in 2023, this artwork is a part of an ongoing series that delves into the stereotypes and challenges women face. In particular, this piece examines the sexualization of women while engaging in ordinary activities. Created using a combination of oil paints, spray paints, acrylics for the background and highlights, and embellished with pink gold leaf and chalk, the painting is now finished. To preserve its vibrant colors and textures, a glossy varnish was applied, and it is now ready to be displayed with pride.

Initially, this series was not intended to address gender stereotypes. However, as I worked on ""Suck it,"" I received comments and messages that caught me off guard. Many viewers interpreted the painting in a sexualized manner, making comments about its perceived eroticism or suggesting alternative interpretations. These unexpected reactions made me reflect on how women are often objectified or reduced to sexual objects in society, even in contexts where it may not be warranted. It highlighted the pervasive nature of gender stereotypes and the need for ongoing awareness and discussion on this issue.

*Colors of the painting may differ from reality. More information to it on the Legal's page."

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