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Unique concept and design projects by Luana Sallustio.

From captivating brand identities to innovative UI/UX designs, Luana's portfolio showcases her unwavering passion and boundless talent in the world of design. Explore each project and witness the seamless blend of creativity and functionality that sets her work apart.

Branding and Animation

Advertising and marketing

Web- and Appdesign

Creative design projects.

Let Luana bring your vision to life with a personalized quote and turn your projects into unique visual realities. From brand design to website creation, Luana has got the perfect match for your needs.

What Luana does

One-of-a-kind brand strategies: designing logos, creating cohesive corporate identities, and ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.


Creating animations to breathe life into your brand and design, ensuring a lasting impression on your clients' minds.


Unique and distinctive advertising designs and concepts presented through animations, posters, and flyers to promote your brand.


Crafting original concepts and efficiently bringing your envisioned website to life through innovative design strategies.


Transforming designs into interactive websites with sleek animations, robust functionality, and intuitive systems.


Crafting a personalized app design that seamlessly captures your vision and aspirations, primed and polished for handoff to your chosen developers.

App Design


Interested in Luana Sallustio's work? Feel free to contact her.

Luana Sallustio is known for her unique design projects and creative artworks. If you're interested in buying an artwork, collaborating or starting a new design project, contact her. 

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