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Personal concept project

Anxiety App

User Interface, Visual Design, User Experience

This project focuses on relaxation for users in terms of stress reduction and, especially, anxiety. The goal was to incorporate gamification, onboarding, and embodied interaction.


After an extensive SWOT analysis, mindset segmentation, personas, and a competitive analysis of digital and analog solutions, the concept evolved.

User Experience

The app is designed to accompany a user who is currently a patient in therapy. Login is obtained from their therapist, and users can also enter their emergency contacts for use in case of a panic attack. The focus of this app is to accompany the user through therapy daily, monitor their heart rate, and provide alerts if something seems amiss. This alert triggers a brief breathing exercise that can be done via the phone or smartwatch. Users can then review their past values in the app, which is divided into two views: one playful and one statistical. This allows users to see their values while earning rewards, such as flowers, for improving their breathing. At the end of therapy, users receive a bouquet of flowers, marking the completion of therapy. Therapists have access to their patients' data and can make decisions about the progress of therapy and intervene if necessary.

In addition to monitoring, users have the option to keep a small diary, answering basic questions aimed at observing their well-being. Subsequently, the physical and mental values are transferred to the statistics, showing where they were low or high and what triggered them.


Users start with an onboarding process in the app before logging in. Afterward, they can log in, and the app is explained with small arrows.

Embodied Interaction:

The goal of embodied interaction was achieved through the smartwatch.


The aspect of gamification is fulfilled by allowing users to collect flowers during therapy, which culminate in a bouquet of flowers at the end.

User Interface

The user interface is based on flat design and features calming violet tones. The use of bright and red colors has been avoided, as these could also unconsciously trigger stress and are not advantageous for the patient or user. The dark colors help ensure that the app does not strain the eyes, even when used at night. This way, the user can be perfectly accompanied on their path to healing.

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