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Strategy Project

Brand & Website Redesign

Brand Identity, Visual Design, User Interface, User Experience

This project focused on redesigning ZicZac's brand identity and website. It's a strategic initiative I undertook, which could be implemented in the future. ZicZac is a childcare center, and it's crucial to accurately portray their offerings and character. You can learn more about ZicZac at their current website


Prior to initiating the project, it was imperative to conduct an analysis of their current state. The existing website is basic and straightforward, serving its purpose but lacking in certain areas, particularly when it comes to the registration of children. Additionally, it lacks character and fails to showcase the beauty and child-friendly environment of ZicZac. As a parent, it's essential to feel reassured about the caregivers responsible for your child, which is currently not evident on the site. My aim was to elevate ZicZac to the next level, offering them assistance in presenting their brand impeccably and distinguishing them through unique design.

Analysis of their current state

ZicZac's logo presents another challenge as it is outdated and lacks responsiveness across different sizes. With multiple elements, it becomes problematic when used in various contexts. Nonetheless, I was able to discern the underlying purpose and idea behind it, motivating me to elevate it to the next level.

Current logo


The redesign brought about significant changes. I completely revamped the registration process for children and introduced a personalized area for parents to access and download pictures of their child from various activities and outings. One of the notable changes was the incorporation of three main colors: red, yellow, and blue. These primary colors, fundamental in early education and used to create all other colors, were a perfect fit considering ZicZac offers three distinct services: Krippe, Mittagstisch, and Hort. Each service was assigned its own color, which unified the entire website and provided clarity for users. The registration process is now entirely digital, eliminating the need to download PDFs and mail them. Parents can complete everything conveniently from their phone or laptop. Overall, the design is now truly unique and tailored to ZicZac's needs.

Color Strategy

Logo Redesign

Redesign Website (Preview)


This project was conducted at the School of Art and Design in Bern. Every aspect, from analysis to research and design processes, was meticulously documented and compiled into a book. If you're interested in obtaining a digital or printed copy, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd be happy to provide further details.

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