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Brand Identity & Website

User Interface, Visual Design, User Experience, Brand Identity

Satrangi is a beautiful brand based in Bern, Switzerland, which focuses on jewelry made of gemstones. Their gemstones are hand-selected in India and meticulously crafted in their atelier in Switzerland. I had the opportunity to redesign and implement their logo, brand identity, and associated website.

Old Website and Logo


The brand had some beautiful concepts behind their old design. I wanted to retain these cultural elements and bring them up to date, giving the brand the recognition it deserves.


The website was the biggest focus of this project. I had the opportunity to create an entirely new design. With the brand book as a guide, I was able to develop the website and establish a logic that suits their customers. The website features a shop that is only accessible with a password. The shop is organized into various categories to ensure that customers find exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, the shop includes several additional filters and a suitable system. The website's SEO had to be incorporated as well, ensuring that everything is as expected. Furthermore, it includes minor optimizations such as the list of events.


The logo still features the beautiful Ganesha but in a simpler design, allowing for versatile usage. It can be engraved in gemstones or wood, used as a stamp, or for other purposes. The logo is available in three variations. The first is the default version with both text and illustration. Alternatively, it can be used with just the text or just the illustration.

Brand Book

Everything was compiled into a concise brand book, ensuring clients that their brand will be represented exactly as they envision it.

Business Cards

To ensure the success of their business at trade shows, I created new business cards with the necessary information.

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