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Some Impressions

Over a long period of time I created an EP and the corresponding merchandise for the two musicians from Zurich, Merlin and Jonas, also known as Johnny Nabu. After countless meetings and a lot of fun, the time had come in June 2021, when their first EP was released.
In addition to the entire artwork for the EP, I regularly create other works for them. Among other things, for example the Spotify covers, background videos and Social Media promotion & identity.

The EP is about a journey Jonas and Merlin did together. The analog EP is structured like a letter. In the front is the picture and in the back are the songs listed in the letter-style. When you open the EP, you see glimpses of the journey and little remarks of the journey. You are guided through the whole EP with these glimpses.

Johnny Nabu EP Cover

Johnny Nabu

Concept and Design

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